The Black Belt Academy has developed classes in many areas of our region over the years since it first started in 1979 at Diss Youth Centre.


Grandmaster Richard Vince first began teaching at the venue when he was a blue belt. Things went very well and he soon expanded the classes to take over Harleston also. Over the years the Academy has taught classes in many venues such as; Attleborough, Bungay, Hempnall, Long Stratton, Bury St. Edmunds, Eye, Hoxne, Wymondham, Newton Flotman, Weybread, Halesworth, Reepham, Holt, Acle and Lingwood to name a few.


Not all of these classes are still in existence, some have moved, unfortunately some have closed and some have been taken over by Instructors who have since decided to no longer be part of the Academy.



This is all part of the healthy growth and decline cycle that affects most businesses.


We currently have satellite classes in; Diss, Harleston, Weybread and Brundall. We would be pleased to hear from any villages or even schools that would like to set up either a satellite venue or perhaps a short 'taster' course to discover whether there is enough interest in a particular area of community.


Since Grandmaster Vince began teaching Martial Arts back in 1979, he has met many teachers/head teachers and formed a good understanding of how the Black Belt Academy can help promote important lifestyle messages to pupils.


It is one thing for a parent to tell a child something, the information may still fall upon deaf ears if a school teacher repeats the same information. When a Black Belt Martial Artist visits the school and puts the information across from a slightly different point of view then, sometimes, it is taken on board.


Grandmaster Vince has been invited into many Norfolk and Suffolk schools to help with a variety of subjects ranging from self respect to nutrition, from bullying to peak performance.


His incredibly successful competitive background often makes him an ideal person to talk about achieving at one's highest possible level and making the most out of one's ability.

One primary school in Suffolk that was experiencing friction in the classroom, invited Grandmaster Vince in to talk to the children about simply being nice to each other. After an exciting session which included board breaking, discussions and an awful lot of thinking, the children had a far greater understanding of the consequences of their behaviour as well as the 'mould' they were casting their future.



Mrs Christine Coleman, a staff member at the School said:

"Master Vince arrived in his Karate uniform and made an immediate impression with all the children and staff.

The children all responded extremely well to his instructions and initiatives. At the end of the session there was almost a tangible buzz in the class, and the children were more respectful to each other and to staff following this.

Everyone was excited and proud when they managed to break the board, even our tiny visuall impaired girl.

This year's Year 6 keep asking when he is coming!"


9 Bull Close






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