Our qualified instructors are energetic and outgoing. They have a sincere interest in your self-improvement and in helping you reach your goals. They are all extensively trained in the art of 'PCP' (Praise, Correct, Praise) and they ALL use the MOST helpful and encouraging language to inspire and motivate you with their feedback.

Our staff are willing to go the extra mile for you.


Find out a little more about our Instructors before you meet them!

Grandmaster R. VINCE



Grandmaster Richard Vince, 8th Dan, is the chief instructor and chief coach of the BBA. He has taught since 1980 and has produced more than 500 black belts in that time. He has represented both Gt Britain & England at 19 international events and is a former World Kickboxing Champion. He has also worked as a consultant in a special needs facility and has a special interest in helping EVERY person get the very best from themselves. 

Master G. WARD




Master Graham Ward 5th Dan is second in command to Grand Master Vince at BBA and shares the responsibility for many aspects of the material taught by its instructors. He has a traditional Karate background yet currently specialies in MMA and our 'Shield' self defence programme, as well as continuing to study Kickboxing & Karate.

Sensei Maisie Emmerson



4th DAN

Sensei Maisie Emmerson teaches Karate classes at our Bull Close HQ. She and Grandmaster Vince coach the Diss Karate classes on Tuesdays, but you'll also find her at Diss Youth Centre on Saturday mornings.

Maisie is the BBA Kata specialist. She took the Gold medal in Korean Forms at the ISKA 2017 Amateur World Championships, held in Athens and another Gold medal at the World Martial Arts Games held in Florida, September 2017, also for Korean Forms.

In 2019 she won her 3rd Kata gold medal at the WTKA World Championships in Italy.

She is responsible for running the BBA competition Kata Squad and the Demo Team. 

Sensei Jack Wright



Sensei Jack Wright has been training at BBA since he was 6 years old.

He is responsible for the delivery of the Little Dragons syllabus to our students in Norwich and teaches Kickboxing on Mondays.

Jack has had high level success at; Karate, semi contact points and light continuous. His greatest tournament success so far however, has been winning the WKA English Amateur K1 championship title at under 75kgs. 

Kru Martin Beales





Kru Martin Beales joined the BBA coaching team in 2016.
He has competitive experience in combat sports and has been involved in Muay Thai since he was a young boy (age 7).
Kru Martin was a Junior British and Junior European Muay Thai champion, retiring undefeated. He has trained in Thailand amongst the likes of Rammon Dekkers and Master Sken. 

He was recognised by his first Instructor Dave Munro for his contribution to Muay Thai with an official Muay Thai Instructor qualification in December 2019.

Martin teaches all of the Muay Thai at the Black Belt Academy and also teaches his own class in Catton.

Sensei Michael Seery




Sensei Michael Seery has been training at the Black Belt Academy since he was very small. He first began his journey at our class in Lingwood.

Michael teaches Karate in Norwich, as well as assisting Sensei Maisie with Diss Karate on Saturday mornings. He also teaches Karate every Friday at our class in Brundall. 

Michael is hoping to kick off his competitive career this year (2020) and hopes to take part in Karate, Kickboxing and even Muay Thai competitions.


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