Superstrike Pro

Superstrike Pro, Affixes tomost door frames, trees, posts, walls without ANY brackets.
Simply inflate and allow it to 'GRIP' while you practice kicks, punches, strikes and blocks.
Remove in seconds, leaves NO damage.
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    The 'Superstrike Pro' is a piece of equipment invented, designed and developed by ', Martial Arts Technologies' to facilitate easy and hassle free practice anywhere that has a doorframe, tree, post or wall edge.
    The PEDS technology inside, dissipates the energy from strikes, around the whole product making it one of the safest ways to punch, kick or strike. So long as the product is inflated sufficiently to hold itself in place, it will with stand good strength training blows.
    Please note however, this is not a 'heavy bag' and is not suitable for sustained heavy blows from a high level combat sports exponent.

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