One of the great benefits of many Martial Arts styles is the effective 'self defence' capabilities that the students will learn. 

Our 'SHIELD' UCT (Unarmed Combat & Fitness Training) has been evolved by Master Richard Vince, using his vast experience in Martial Arts and Mr Mark Davies creator of 'Tactical Edge'.


Tactical Edge is widely accepted as the most effective system of personal safety available. It is fast, simple effective and devastating. Mr Davies teaches this system to the soldiers of the SAS regiment and there can be no higher recommendation as to its effectiveness. 


Visit his website for more information:


'SHIELD' training is free to Black Belt Academy members, you are also able to take out 'Shield' only membership if you would prefer to learn only this self defence and fitness system.


'Shield' training will improve your cardio, increase your stamina, reduce your body fat % and make your appearance more athletic, due to the 'body conditioning' aspects of the training. 

We want you to know how to look after yourself and to be fit/confident/strong enough to use the techniques that we teach you.  


In these days of ever increasing violent crime, I would advise everyone to learn the most effective way to look after yourself, your family and your friends.


As a 'THANK YOU' to our armed (RAF, Army, Navy, Marines) and emergency (Police, Fire, Ambulance) services, all 'SHIELD' training is available to you FREE OF CHARGE if you can show some ID to confirm your occupation.


Otherwise, classes are £9/session or £29/month.



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