At the Black Belt Academy our aim has always been high and we strive to bring out the best in our students, with continued success we take the shyest of pupils and teach them how to better themselves and believe in their own potential.


Below are several testimonials from students that we have helped. If you feel that we have made a significant improvement in your life, why not send us a testimonial and we shall include it on this page? Use the contact form on the 'Contact Us' section of our website to send your testimonials to us.


My two boys joined little dragons over a year ago when they were 5yrs and 7yrs.
From the moment we walked through the door of the Black Belt Academy there was a nice family atmosphere providing us with a warm welcome.
After a year of fun, fitness and confidence building Fred and Max have become more focused and better at listening to instructions both at home and school.  
They feel great pride when they earn stars for their participation in the life skills program and I always enjoy discussing the many positive subjects that come up like modesty, respect, kindness and ambition.


Now that they are 6yrs and 8yrs old they have graduated to the lifestyle classes and I have joined them.
I am 36 and work at a desk too much and am very unfit, joining in the classes with my children has been wonderful for both my relationship with them and my fitness levels are getting better much quicker than when I’ve join a Gym
Instead of being sat in front of a screen together we are bonding, sparring, playing dodge ball, circuit racing, leaning Kata’s together. Such a great variety my bond with my boys has never been better and as a bonus I am getting better sleep and feel much happier.
Last week a girl about 9 yrs old taught the 3 of us beginners a new Kata, her confidence, patience and manners were exceptional, she was an excellent teacher, I hope my boys will have her confidence in a few years’ time.
I can’t wait for my youngest to be old enough to start Little Dragons so he can join us in a the lifestyle classes in few yearS time, hopefully his mum will then join us too.
I intend to work hard and earn my black belt and have some mad skills by the time my 3 boys realize that if they work together they can beat me in rough play
With the many parents and children taking part in classes together and with the friendly and encouraging people you will meet.

I can highly recommend the Black Belt Academy to everyone!



I have trained at the Black Belt academy in Norwich, under master Richard Vince 7th Dan, for 20 years now. I have watched the club grow from day 1, I can honestly say it's the most friendliest place to train in Norwich!

Master Vince makes everybody welcome whatever their abilities are, I wouldn't train anywhere else but here.



Before joining the BBA Frazer had a low self esteem and lacked confidence it was always hard to get him out to public events and even friends parties.Since joining the BBA in February 2006 Frazer has grown in his confidence and his self esteem is improving week by week – he now enjoys a strong circle of friends and even has the confidence to telephone his friends and chat which was hard for him in the past.

Frazer loves his success at the BBA as it provides him with several role models to aspire to – as parents we are grateful to the work of the academy.


Best Regards

Derek & Tilly Lock


Dear Master Vince

As you know my son John Hammond has been doing Brain Dojo at Eccles Hall School for approximately 2 years. In this time we have seen him blossom not only educationally but also in strength and self confidence. He has changed from being a very shy boy, reluctant to speak to others and take part in school life, to one who wants to engage with teachers and pupils and do well. I believe that his participation in Brain Dojo and Taekwondo with Mr Branson has been instrumental in helping John achieve so many new goals. Clearly these things are cumulative, John is at an excellent school and children are encouraged to develop to their full potential, but when we as a family look at John and see how much happier he is, we feel that Brain Dojo has been integral to this progress. He is a much more positive boy, he preseveres, and when he says 'I want to become a black belt' we believe him, because we now know, given his positive attitude that this is very likely!

Before we came to Eccles Hall it was sad to see how uncoordinated he was and how he shunned new experiences, but now when we see him practice his skills and do other sports which once seemed impossible, we realise how far he has come.

Two weeks ago I saw John at his Saturday riding school, he jumped several fences, showed poise, coordination and control and was happy and smiling. On the surface martial arts and horse riding are too very different sports, but when I saw how well John rode I realised that without Brain Dojo and Taekwondo he would probably never have succeeded. All I can say is thank you and please carry on the good work!



Dear Master Vince

We are writing to you to say how happy we have been with Liam's achievements within the Black Belt Academy over the past few years.


You may recall that Liam started with the 'Little Dragons' aged five some four years ago. At the time we felt that he needed to participate with a hobby that would provide physical exercise, confidence and also be fun. Since moving up from the 'Little Dragons' to the junior 'Black Belt Academy' classes he has certainly flourished. As parents we were initally concerned that the process of learning Kata's would be difficult and not enjoyable. However we were wrong as he enjoys the challenge of each new Kata and revels in performing these correctly as a step towards achieving a higher belt.


The weekly classes have provided physical challenges as well as mental ones and we have certainly seen his confidence grow and mature.


Your staff have provided to be excellent role models, always giving positive (and happy) encouragement in a disciplined environment. The important values of respect and self awareness have also been taught in a discreet way.


Liam is now aged nine and has just gained his brown belt which he and the rest of us are very proud of - a real achievement! (and a far more positive way to spend Saturday mornings rather than on the Playstation!)


Liam is now determined to achieve his junior Black belt in the future and and to reflect on the character and physical benefits he has achieved during the past four years have been excellent.


Well done and thank you to all your staff!!!


Best regards,

Martin & Jo Fairweather


9 Bull Close






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