Gradings for Little Dragons, Karate, Kickboxing and Muay Thai Kyu grades (coloured belts) happen every 3 months starting in March, followed by June, September and December.

Our teaching style follows a structured syllabus and therefore all of our students across all styles are encouraged to grade. 

With anything it is important when aiming for a goal, that you set yourself smaller targets along the way so it is easy to see why in all styles of traditional Martial Arts, you will find a belt system in place.

The belt system helps us and our students to monitor progress as they achieve goals on the way to an ultimately bigger goal. The grading system has proven to be successful for many years across the World and is an integral part of Martial Arts training.

Each belt rank builds on the last and with every new rank the student learns more about themselves and their capabilities. Students grow more confident as they progress, not to mention fitter, stronger, faster and more knowledgable! 

Whilst we appreciate that a piece of material may only physically hold your trousers up, to us and our students a belt represents becoming physically and mentally stronger as you progress towards your ultimate goal of Black Belt excellence.

MARCH 2021

week beginning 22nd

JUNE 2021

week beginning 21st


week beginning 20th


week beginning 13th


In order to grade you must register online after you have received your grading invitation from your instructor. 

Registration opens the week before grading week.