Here at the Black Belt Academy we cater for people of all abilities seeking to become the best they can be. 

So, whether you are naturally gifted, physically challenged or somewhere inbetween, we have a simple rule;


If you join us and stay with us, you WILL become a Black Belt.


Master Richard Vince has been teaching Martial Arts since 1980 and, whether you prefer to learn to gain high levels of fitness, compete or just want an interesting hobby, he and his team will certainly be happy to work with you!

If you and/or your family would like to visit us for 2 or 3 FREE lessons, use the contact form to email us or use the freephone number to give us a call.


We appreciate you taking time to visit our site and to find out more about the Black Belt Academy. 

We teach Taekwondo, Kickboxing and Muay Thai to over 300 people locally.

Our Black Belt 'Lifestyle' Academy is dedicated to helping our students develop confidence through the study of Martial Arts.


We have taught Martial Arts in Norwich and Norfolk since 1980 and, in that time, we have produced over 350 Black Belts.


We offer coaching in the following formats:



The Karate that we teach is a 'hybrid' of several styles. We have all of the dynamic kicking techniques from Taekwondo, combined with powerful punching and blocking techniques from Shotokan, Wado Ryu and Kyokushinkai, all performed from the powerful deep stances adopted by most Karate styles.

It is ideally suited to those who would like to develop above average levels of fitness and flexibility. 

This style is very popular with families because it is adaptable to suit all body types and family members of all ages can train together in the same classes.


How many other interests can the whole family enjoy in the safety and comfort of one class?


We have Karate classes 6 days a week, complete the form on the Contact Us page to receive more information.



This program is specifically designed for 3 - 6 year olds and helps to teach the foundations of Martial Arts, such as; following instructions, taking turns, working in a team and developing self control. It also helps to teach young children how to interact easily with others and learn how helping another person can make the world a better place.


We call it our 'Safe Start' program because the feedback we have received from our customers says that their children have made good starts in school and other new situations because of the training they have received in our classes.


Classes work out at less than £6/session with most people attending 2 classes per week. Of course, you are welcome to come along to try 2 or 3 classes FREE of charge before making any commitment. 



This art combines the dynamic kicking of Taekwondo with the exciting punching techniques of western boxing and the effective knees, elbows and low kicks of Muay Thai. 

It is best suited to the person who wants to achieve high levels of fitness, self-confidence and flexibility. Classes are conducted to the motivational beats of modern music and the dynamic instructors ensure that all students have great fun in sessions.


We teach the art of 'Freestyle Kickboxing' in our classes and provide special training sessions for those who wish to pursue a competitive path.


We accept children from 13 years old in our Kickboxing sessions and have both mixed level and basic classes at the Academy.



Our 'SHIELD' training program focusses on the unarmed combat aspects of Martial Arts training.

Developed by Master Richard Vince, Mark Davies (who teaches the same system to soldiers of the SAS regiment under the 'Tactical Edge' program) and Master Graham Ward 5th Dan, it is a simple to learn, effectice and efficient way of keeing oneself safe, whilst having fun learning and training the moves and principles.


Tactical Edge is widely accepted as the most effective system of personal safety available. It is fast, simple effective and devastating. 



For adults and Juniors


For many years we have wanted to provide Muay Thai (MT) coaching but we had always struggled to find a coach with suitable experience and knowledge. 

We now have 'Kru' Martin Beales who will be the principle coach for MT at BBA.


He will be teaching the traditional aspects of MT as well as the sporting aspects. There are seperate classes for Adults (8-15pm Tuesdays) and Juniors (5pm Thursdays) as it is important to tailor the coaching to suit the needs of each group.


If you would like to learn this facinating Oriental Art, whether to compete or just for a hooby to keep you super fit, come along to try 2 free sessions and discover if you enjoy training with us. 



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