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Karate Training in Norwich


At the Black Belt Academy, Karate is the most traditional of all the arts that we teach. Although, referring to it as 'traditional' is perhaps inaccurate.

We do not practise a traditional style of Karate since we have adopted many techniques from many styles of Martial Art (including Karate and Taekwondo) to fit into our syllabus.

The name 'Zen Budo Karate' reflects this: 'Zen' means 'everything and nothing' and 'Budo' translates to 'Martial Arts Code'.

Our style of Karate features the deep seated stances and blocking techniques from traditional Japanese arts and the exciting, dynamic kicking techniques from Korean Taekwondo.



Our methods for coaching are based around lifestyle.

We have a syllabus that promotes health, wellbeing, memory development, discipline, respect, fitness, flexibility, personal safety and much more.

We understand that our students have many different goals and outcomes and it's for that reason that we can only ever expect our students to be better versions of themselves than they were the day before.

Our junior Karate students all have access to our optional 'Warrior Development Program' - a course specifically designed to help develop life skills outside of the Dojo. 

You can find out more about the Warrior Program by clicking here.


Within our Karate syllabus we practise self defence techniques suitable for all ages and abilities in a safe and encouraging environment.

We would always advise anyone to learn the most effective ways to look after themselves, their family and their friends in a World where the demand for self defence seems ever increasing.

Self defence features largely in our Karate system and students are tested on their self defence skills at gradings.



For most students, the journey to black belt is filled with excitement and sometimes challenges. The time in which it takes to become a black belt is very unique to the student, of course depending on their natural ability and level of commitment; however most achieve black belt in 3 - 5 years.

Our philosophy on success is very simple:


"If you are one of our members you will become a Black Belt and continue to achieve Black Belt Excellence in your life for as long as you remain a member."


It's a simple and reassuring philosophy that has helped over 25 students achieve Black Belt status within the last 12 months.

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