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KickBoxing Training Classes Norwich


KICKBOXING (13 Years+)

Kickboxing, as the name suggests, is a stand up combat sport based on punching and kicking. It can be practised as a hobby for fitness, self defence or as a competitive sport.

Traditionally, Kickboxing was an 'above the waist' contact sport, meaning that no kicks below the waist, knee strikes, or elbow strikes were permitted. Today however, there are many variations of Kickboxing in existence, including Low Kick Kickboxing and K1 Rules Kickboxing. 

We practise variations of these style in our classes and include knee strikes and low kicks in our Kickboxing syllabus.


In the late 1980's, as Grandmaster Vince's International Karate career was coming to an end due to increasing involvement with Kickboxing, he discovered that most Kickboxing schools did not have a grading system in place to help their students progress and achieve excellence.

With his background of classical Martial Arts training and Kickboxing competitive success, he decided to develop a syllabus that would provide his students with physical and technical challenges and lead them in small steps to Black Belt Excellence and beyond. He spent much time, with the input of his own Instructor, Grandmaster Blackwell (9th Dan) and created a belt grading system that is now used by many Kickboxing groups throughout the World. 

This syllabus is designed entirely to take a student from 'unfit beginner' to a 'finely tuned and physically toned Black Belt athlete'.



In order to achieve a goal, it is helpful to set yourself smaller goals along the way. This is, of course, something that is always found in traditional styles of Martial Arts with the belt system.


Our Kickboxing style features a ranked belt system and students are always encouraged to grade in order to monitor progression and improvement as they train with us. 

We cater for all types of students including those who only wish to train and those who wish to pursue a career in competitive Kickboxing.



We understand that everyone is different and when it comes to contact sports.

Whilst contact sports are exciting, high energy and great for making friends, we realise that you may be apprehensive when it comes to making physical contact with someone else, or receiving physical contact.

At our school, the needs of all of our students are taken into account. 

This means that competition is never a necessity, but something that can be enjoyed as an optional extra.

Contact in class is always kept to an agreeable level and for those students wishing to train harder, we have other options available to you.

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